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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limited Edition Hermes Leica M9-P

Hermes Leica M9-P Limietd Edition via hypebeast.com
Have you ever bumped into someone who is walking around the street wearing this camera on his/her neck? I think the chances are very slim, because not many people carry around a $50,000 camera when they go out to a park or a coffee shop. The camera you are looking at above is called the Hermes Leica M9-P Edition . Yes. That's right. Leica created this special edition camera in collaboration with the well-known French luxury brand Hermes. It was released this year in May and there are only 300 cameras produced for this special edition. The price is $50,000!!! And Leica is forcing buyers of the Leica Hermes edition to sign an agreement so that they can't resell the camera within two years after they buy it. 

Hermes Leica M9-P Limietd Edition via http://sandiinthecity.onsugar.com

For those of who haven't heard of Leica, Leica is a German camera company that introduced its first model in 1920s. Nowadays, it positioned itself as a luxury camera brand in the market. It's like Chanel in the camera world. You think this one is expensive? There is one Leica camera that was sold for $2.8 million at an auction. Crazy huh?

Anyways, for those who are wondering why on earth this camera costs a fortune, you should check how it is made.

Now as you can see, it's not just about it giving you a status symbol, it actually takes a tremendous amount of craftsmanship to produce this luxury camera. AND YET, I know it's still $50,000. @_@ It's definitely not something you can buy without deeply contemplating on whether you really need it or not.

I am not really into luxury brands or that kind of stuff, so I am not jealous of those people who own this camera (maybe slightly haha). But I do want to experience what it's like to take pictures with a Leica camera. It must be so freakin' good!!

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