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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Christopher Boffoli "Edible Worlds" 2 (8/10)

<Review: 8 out of 10>

Last Thursday I visited Winston Wachter Fine Art gallery to check out Christopher Boffoli's exhibition entitled "Edible Worlds." The gallery was located in Chelsea-one of my favorite areas in the city. 

As you can see in the pictures below, the gallery was relatively small, but I liked its simplicity and the neatly arranged photos. Overall, I enjoyed this exhibition. And I think that Christopher Boffoli's idea of putting human miniatures on food items is very creative. I especially loved his description for each photo he took. His witty&hilarious comments made my gallery visit pleasant.

 This one is my favorite because of the caption written below it was hilarious.

Even though I enjoyed this exhibition, I couldn't help feeling that some things were lacking. First, there weren't many photos to look at. The photos on display were certainly interesting, but it would have been better if they had more photos. Second, some of the photos were not ready to be displayed. As you can see below, some photos were just sitting around on the floor, and I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be part of the exhibition or not. This exhibition has been going on for a while (since June), and  I didn't understand why the photos are still not completely ready to be displayed for the visitors. But in any case, it was a fun experience. I recommend you this exhibition to you.


Tholfikar Altaie said...

how comes the fruits bigger than people ! did he took the photo in wonderland !!???

Jinah Kwon said...

Yes in Wonderland.. haha

Bryan McKinney said...

Great review! I like the pics and the details you provided, it gave an enjoyable peek into what the exhibition is like. I'm very curious as to what the other captions for the photos are, it seems to add a lot of life and different perspectives. On that note, on top of some pictures not being hung, would you say because of that they were missing any accompanying captions which adds to the feeling that something was lacking? It would feel like a tease to not know what clever thought the artist had for those photos sitting there. I would have never seen that croissant picture in the same humorous way without that caption you shared.

Aidan Hadley said...

It looks like the gallery has brought out some additional photographs from their inventory to allow people to see more of the work.

Oh yeah, and Winston Wachter (at 530 West 25th Street) is in Chelsea (right near the Highline), not SoHo. SoHo is where art USED to be but is now more like a shopping mall. All of the best galleries and artists are in Chelsea now.

Jinah Kwon said...

Ohh Right. It was my mistake. It was Chelsea, not Soho. Thank you for pointing that out :)